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SmartCrawl – Easier & Faster WordPress SEO

SmartCrawl – Easier & Faster WordPress SEO

Boost your PageRank and drive more traffic to your site with little effort and simple configuration.

Version 1.7.6


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Downloads 103,470

Compatibility WordPress 4.4 Multisite 4.4 BuddyPress 2.4.2

“Easy to setup and works like a charm.” Rozani Ghani



Let’s face it, content is still king. The best way to drive traffic to your site is amazing content. Good SEO is about making sure your amazing content is easy to find.

SmartCrawl does just that; it makes your content easy to find on search engines like Google and Bing by making web crawlers smarter.

Easier, Faster WordPress SEO

SmartCrawl includes only the most effective proven methods of optimization for high impact results with as little setup as possible.SmartCrawl cuts the time-consuming little tweaks and lets you take advantage of the most effective tools so you can quickly get back to what matters most–incredible content.


Sitemaps tell search engines how to find content on your site.

Moz Integration

Built-in integrate with Moz – the industry leader in SEO reports.

Title & Meta

Customize how page titles and descriptions display on search screens.

Automatic links

Auto link keywords to a page on your blog or a whole new site altogether.

The SmartCrawl Set Up Wizard will have you up and running quickly.

Our Setup Wizard Makes It Easier To Get Started

Great SEO can be easy. Our built-in Wizard will have you up and running in minutes. Get first-class results by simply making the changes that matter most.

You can even customize the Wizard to fit your specific needs. Streamline setup by hiding features you don’t want to use.

Direct integration with Bing and Google.

Share Updates With Search Engines Automatically

Make your content easier to discover with automated sitemap generation.

Send updates, changes and new content to search engines to improve content indexing.

Get a higher click through rate with custom titles and descriptions.

Better Titles, Descriptions And Keywords

When your content pops up on a search engine you only get a few words to make sure your content stands out.

Automate what information titles and descriptions include by default or provide custom titles, descriptions and keywords manually on each post and page.

Autolink to affiliates and strengthen in site linking.

Automatic Keyword Linking

Create a more connected site with automatic links.

Set keywords to link to internal or external content for building backlinks, sharing affiliate links or simply tying your content together. Link relevant content and save time.

We make it easy to integrate with Moz.

Moz Integration

Connect to Moz with a free account to receive reports that track how your site stands up against the competition with important SEO measurement tools like ranking, links and authority.

Give your site WordPress SuperPowers with SmartCrawl – Smarter Web Crawlers, Easier Faster WordPress SEO.

If you want big results with little effort–use SmartCrawl.

SmartCrawl Features

Make it easier for search engines to find your content.

Customizable setup wizard

Simple guided settings

Offer SEO options by user role

Direct interaction with Google

Direct interaction with Bing

Send sitemap updates automatic to search engines

Title and meta data optimization

Automatic sitewide linking

Complete Moz integration

Multisite and BuddyPress compatibility

Process posts and pages individually

Process RSS feeds

Conduct case sensitive matching

Prevent duplicate links

Open links in new tab/window

Exclude posts or pages from sitemap

Exclude custom post types

Exclude categories

Exclude tags

Exclude custom taxonomies

Include or exclude images

Include or exclude stylesheets

Include or remove the sitemap dashboard widget

Disabling automatic sitemap updates

Custom home title

Home meta description


Main blog archive meta robots options

Post title defaults

Post meta description defaults

Media title defaults

Media meta description defaults

Custom post titles (per custom post type)

Custom post meta descriptions (per custom post type)

Post categories, tags and custom taxonomy title and meta defaults

Post categories, tags and custom taxonomy robots tags

Author and date archives

404 page title and description defaults

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