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Our clients to experience profit increases between 25% and 75% on average. Our platform allows you the agility to best competitors, and manage growth efficiently, quickly and securely long term.

Business Category and Brand Audit

Business Category & Brand Audit

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Our User Experience-Based Design Methods

We begin by performing a brand audit and developing a plan for your project.  Assessment of current goals, brand, vision, values, mission and web presence.  Scan of the business environment, both internal and external, which includes understanding strategic constraints.  Customer analysis, Competitor Analysis, and Target Market analysis, Market and Customer Segmentation. These tasks will be completed  to create a personalized strategy for your business, with the key aspect of marketing strategy to keep marketing consistent with the company’s overarching mission statement.

Front-end/Panel Coding, Design, Data-Entry, Direction –  This is the look and behavior of your site.  It will always be cutting edge and all elements will be compatible with every browser on every device.  This covers mobile platforms and Retina resolutions.  We’ll compose beautiful unique looks, professional imagery, and make meaningful contributions for a year.  There’s a science behind garnering a wholesome user experience.  It’s our job to not only make your brand recognized, but to make certain discussion in all circles is a encouraging and positive.  Every responsible business owner can use client feedback to make changes to his or her business.  Part of the user-experience is catering to your  prospective clients desire for information, answer frequently asked questions, and keep them visually engaged.

Good design feeds into successful marketing. Once your website is designed and developed, we’ll begin performing ongoing social media management and building community. This will draw traffic to your website and encourage users to engage with your tools and information through specifically timed and targeted calls to action. Your campaign will compliment your resources for steady growth, as we monitor traffic and adjust your website to display it’s most notable articles.

We have to know what’s working (and what’s not) to make sound business and marketing decisions. With your website finished and our first marketing campaign started, we will now have the opportunity to analyze site statistics and create updated strategies and larger marketing campaigns, including email, PPC and banner ads.

These days, all of todays succesful service companies put information technology at the forefront of their business strategy. Along with marketing, we will provide guidance in all business practices in our jurisdictions. Employee management over automation, standardizing practices and contracts, as well as security and damage control.

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SMB Services

  • Generating Content/Design + SEO, Caching, Minification, and CDN
  • Page/Listing Health, Monitoring & Reputation Management
  • VPS/Dedicated Hosting designed to scale.
  • Customer Satisfaction and 24/7 Phone Support
  • Sales Strategy and User Incentive Campaigns
  • Organic and Paid Advertising Fastidiously Logged

Medium Business +

  • API, Automation
  • Cloud Management
  • Metrics Gathering/User Awareness
  • User Registration and Processing
  • Accounts & Keeping
  • CRM, Payroll & Affiliates Management
  • Scaling for Enterprise Apps and Sites
  • Customer/Employee Archetype Polling
  • Securities Testing and Tracking

Geospatial Services

Your personal information is saved securely on our servers as you enter it and no information shall be shared with third parties without your explicit permission.

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Consent Management for GDPR Compliance:

Notifying visitors that you use cookies is no longer good enough under GDPR and you must now retrieve their consent which must be stored with the option to revoke. This obligation legally complicates data-retention but Detroit Exposure has you covered. Become compliant fast with our consent management software integration for your commerce and privy client data.