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We assist people in the development of their business, even from the ground level. This includes office network, cloud hosting, websites, graphic design, logo ID and branding, online reputation, growth logistics, mailer campaigns, UI, UX, information security, employee training and more. Wherever the concern, the client needn’t worry because our agents offer premium solutions to keep them covered. We’re always growing and have available spots for Account Agents, Customer Service/Tech Support, Videographers\Photographers, as well as PHP and/or JS Developers. All positions are Fulltime freelance. This is freelance position with full time employment. You decide where you work and when you work and we’ll book you on those available days.


Account Agents, Customer Service and Tech Support duties entail timely correspondences with clients. You make sure they are heard and carefully considered before design takes place.

Hosting Administrator.  Multiple dedicated servers, Amazon EC2 instances, stats monitoring,  installing/migrating apps, adjusting memory, mail servers, basic server security and more.

WordPress Developers. Plugin and theme design. Understanding of SSH and container migration/duplication, Google APIS, JS, Php.